MBVA Membership

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Registration Fees Structure

Entrance Fees (One Time)


Add on Member (Yearly)


Subscription Fees (Yearly)


GST 18% on yearly subscription fees and on Addon member.

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The builder/developer should be a Maharashtrian and Marathi.

The applicant should have completed:

At least one site of approx. 1000 sqm built up area
At least one project consisting 12 units.
If one completed site is less than 1000 sqm built up area in that case, the another site should be in progress.

  • All projects should be approved by local sanctioning authority.
  • Membership application will be scrutinized by the Membership Development Committee, and put for approval to the managing committee.
  • MBVA reserves the right, in its absolute discretion to reject any membership application. The committee shall not be bound to give any reason for such rejection.
  • Other documents to be submitted with application

1. Profile of the form and directors/partners
2. Copy of PAN card of firm and directors/partners
3. Brochure/leaflets of completed and ongoing projects
4. Completion certificate of the project
5. Commencement certificate of ongoing projects
6. Details of membership in any similar association
7. Audited balance sheet of previous years
8. Two Photographs

  • Timely payment of membership is must. In case of late payment, 1,000/- per month fees will be charged.
  • Member should not be active member of any political party and should not be “Padadhikari” of any political party. In such case, member will not have voting rights.
  • Ensure that the logo of MBVA is displayed on all advertisement in the print, Electronic Media and Hoardings put up by the member for promotional activities.
  • In case of any changes in records, member should inform Managing Committee so that association will make changes accordingly :

1. If there is change in the name of member’s firm.
2. If there is change in the constitution i.e. Partnership to Pvt. Ltd. Co. / Public Ltd. Co. or proprietary and vice versa.

  • After continuous reminder if fees are not received then association has right to disconnect membership on temporary basis. Membership will retrieve after receiving all the arrears.
  • A member may resign from his membership by giving 30 days notice in writing to the Honorary Secretary to that effect. The resignation shall be accepted by the Executive Committee only after settlement of any dues to the association.